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About Me

Not good at describing myself but here we go.Pathetic! Hails from a develop country. She's a hopeless romantic. Skeptic, skinny and loves movies, music, drawing, cooking, singing, fun and love people. She's naive. She's no fun at all. Her best friend is ignorance. She's reckless. She's crazy, goofy, and dumb. She has a tendency to be a klutz. She is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in yet not brave enough to face the world alone. She is a contradiction of herself. Maybe a hypocrite. Maybe confused. Maybe just schizo or wateva in ur mind!!Leave it to yourself to decide.

Ok lets get serious. My virtual name is skulblakashven and i used to actively in forums, blogging and social networking, but thats the good old days. Now my intention is more on business and making money.Thats what an MBA student should do! A lil' secret of me is that,sometimes i have a lil' twist in my personality (MPD) neh.. you don't believe meh dont ya?

I started designing as a passion of pleasure during my leasure time.I also like tweaking and got entangled with scripting and coding.In my so spacious time, i always like translation, foreign language of course. Mostly in Chinese, Japanese,Korean and a little with French and still learning Spanish.Most translation were made for songs cause i like music very much.

My forte? To start with, I got MBA majoring in Strategic Management(UTM),a degree in IT specialize in e-commerce (UMS) and also a diploma in Technology Management(UTM) and what else?Hmmm.. my plan is to further my PhD in IT related field in 2 years from now. Here are some list of what im capable of:

Photoshop,Fireworks,Illustrator,Flash,CSS,xhtml and Html,Java Script,A little in Ajax and Php and beginner for 3d.

Prior to that,whoever interested to make business please don't hesitate to contact me via my email.I will make sure that i won't bite you.

Visit my blog for more details.